Lifesum for iOS is a program that will help you not only to lose extra centimeters in your waistline and lose weight, but also significantly improve your health. You will be able to view tips on how to lose weight, how to cook healthy meals, as well as keep your notes in a personal journal. All this can be done on a device that supports the iOS operating system. If you do not know which diet is better to choose, the program will help you do it automatically, after entering certain data that will be shown on your device. In order to download the free official version of Lifesum for iOS, you need to select the appropriate link and install it on your device.

Lifesum was developed for tablets with iOS version 13.0 and newer.

Application functionality

  • you can choose an effective diet;
  • a large number of simple recipes using healthy foods;
  • a personal food diary, with which you can easily plan and track meals;
  • to count calories, you can use a barcode;
  • integration with Goofle Fit and S Health.

Anyone can take out a Premium subscription, where syncing with similar apps will be available.

Download Lifesum for iOS

To install the Lifesum app on your tablet, you need to visit our website and select the App Store link. Once you follow the link, the download will begin. An icon will appear on your device's screen. When the download is complete, you can click on it and follow the prompts. The main thing is to specify everything accurately and without cheating.


Lifesum is a program that allows you to give your body back its strength. And to make it work, you need to write down your diet, the amount of exercise and other statistics on a daily basis. The main thing is to believe in your strength, and then any goals will be within your grasp.