DroidCam Client for iOS is a revolutionary application that turns your iPhone into a high-quality webcam. In this article, we will take a look at the iOS versions supported by DroidCam Client and learn about its distinctive features that make it an outstanding choice for users looking for an enhanced webcam experience.

iOS compatibility

To ensure that a wide range of iPhone users can take advantage of its advanced features, DroidCam Client supports a number of iOS versions, including:

  • iOS 17
  • iOS 16
  • iOS 15
  • iOS 14
  • iOS 13
  • iOS 12
  • iOS 11

Key features for iOS

  1. DroidCam Client allows users to easily turn their iPhone into a wireless webcam, providing freedom of movement and flexibility in a variety of scenarios.
  2. Supports high-definition video streaming for crystal-clear images during video calls, online classes or content creation.
  3. Goes beyond video by allowing users to engage in two-way audio calls, enhancing the overall virtual communication experience.
  4. Allows users to adjust camera settings directly from their iPhone, giving them control over framing and improving video quality.
  5. Easily integrates with popular video conferencing and streaming platforms, making it versatile for a variety of use cases.

Whether you're using the latest version of iOS or sticking with the trusty iPhone on iOS 11, DroidCam Client provides seamless integration into your digital communications system. The app's user-friendly features enhance the webcam experience on iOS devices.


DroidCam Client for iOS redefines virtual communication via mobile devices. With compatibility with multiple iOS versions and a feature-rich interface, this app is a one-stop solution for those looking for a reliable and flexible tool to work with webcams on their iPhones.