Dazz Cam is a virtual film photo editor for iOS that will fit in your device without any problems. Thanks to the photo editor, the user will be able to create a realistic picture in the style of the 80s, which does not require any further processing. This application has become popular among most users. The developer created his product with the inspiration of a film retro camera. It turned out the way it was intended, the photos have glare, highlights, which previously could be considered a marriage, but now are the basis of the most fashionable filters and effects. So if you want to download the free official version of Dazz Cam for iOS, then click on the file and wait for it to install, and then follow the instructions.

The Dazz Cam app was suggested by the developers specifically for iOS operating system version 13.0 or later.

Options and features

  • unique retro filters and effects for photos and videos;
  • a glitch feature that never gets old or out of style;
  • a special technology with which you can get a detailed detail;
  • the use of flash to create an unusual photo;
  • two shots in one;
  • isheye function.

In addition to these features, the user will be able to find a large number of other features when exploring the photo editor in more detail.

Download Dazz Cam for iOS

To install the app on your iOS device, you need to take a few steps:

  1. click on the file suggested by our website;
  2. find the download file in the downloads on your device;
  3. click on it;
  4. check the license agreement;
  5. following the instructions you will see on the screen of your device.

If everything is done correctly, in just a few minutes, you will be able to use the photo editor.


Dazz Cam for iOS is a versatile photo editor with all kinds of elaborations from the developer. With the application, you will be able to visit the 80s, which will seem like time travel. When a new version of the program is released, features and functions are updated and added with it.