The stylish Brave browser is a secure application for the Android platform that has a built-in ad blocker. You do not need to install third-party plugins to disable ads, Brave will handle banners on its own. After disabling ads, the speed of opening pages in the browser increases. Users can download free official version of Brave browser for Android by following the link on this page.

Brave also protects users from leaks of confidential data with encryption. The browser allows private browsing and lets you earn tokens for watching certain videos.

The browser is suitable for Android platform version 5.0 and above.

Options and Features

  • availability of the Russian language, which can be changed in the settings;
  • speed is 2-8 times faster than conventional browsers;
  • ban on the monitoring of user activity on the web;
  • password manager for security;
  • two search engines;
  • website encryption;
  • supports opening multiple tabs without losing speed;
  • affiliate program with YouTube and Twitter channels;
  • rewards in tokens;
  • conserves battery life;
  • blocks third-party cookies and scripts;
  • private browsing with the Tor Browser.

Download the Brave Browser for Android

Download the file on this page, open it. Wait for the browser to install, then open the app and begin your journey with the fearless lion through the web.


The Brave browser also has a private mode that will not allow user activity to be tracked. In addition, you can always install plugins from the Google store, as the browser is based on Chromium and synchronizes well with Google Chrome.