Speed. This factor is predominant when choosing a browser. And security. In addition, the presence of these two factors in the browser leads to the fact that most users choose it in its favor. UC Browser loads web pages fast, saves traffic, protects from infected sites, blocks ads and protects personal information of its users. Users can download the official version of UC Browser for Android free by following the link on this page.

UC Browser is especially loved by Android mobile device owners, 100 million out of 400 million use UC Browser on their phones.

The application allows you to browse the web in several modes, there is a night and day view modes.

UC Browser is suitable for the Android platform version 4.1 and above.

Features of the Squirrel Browser

  • speed is 2-8 times faster than conventional browsers;
  • protection against switching to malicious sites;
  • choice of wallpapers;
  • download video and audio to your memory card;
  • ad blocking;
  • sync quickly with Facebook;
  • anonymous browsing;
  • tab support;
  • customize your start pages;
  • fast news browsing;
  • take screenshots.

Download UC Browser for Android

Download the file on this page, open it. Wait for the browser to install, then open the app and begin your journey with the fast and cautious Squirrel through the web.

The Squirrel Browser has a private mode that will not allow user activity to be tracked. In addition, since the browser is based on Chromium, it synchronizes well with Google Chrome. If the user wants to expand the functions of the browser, he can install plug-ins from the Google store.