During the active development of virtual space, social networks, etc., photos and videos that we publish play an important role. But we can't just put our media content on the Internet without any processing. And that's where the easy, intuitive, but most useful PREQUEL application will help us. This photo editor is a professional tool for photo processing, and it can be used by both experts in this business and beginners. The program provides many opportunities for editing photo and video content, a variety of filters and effects, the option to work with text, music, etc. The app is distributed for free, but it has the option to subscribe to get access to more filters and processing capabilities. Download the official version of PREQUEL for iOS for free using the links located on our website.


You can easily download and install the utility on your smartphone or tablet running iOS 13.0 or newer.

Features of the PREQUEL app for iOS

  • Edit photos and videos using more than 800 different filters and effects presented in the program. All the filters in the app are divided into categories, so you can easily find what you need. Here you will not see anything boring or tedious, all the effects are creative and interesting. You will have a place to give free rein to your imagination, since filters can be superimposed on each other, change the intensity of the display, edit them.
  • D3D mode. A new feature that will help you create animated photos. Gone are the days when photos were static. Now you can use special algorithms to make the appearance of movement in the picture. And the presented application is endowed with this function.
  • Text and animated text. In the utility, you can not only add text to the media content, but also modify it in every possible way. Change the color, bend, add shadow and stroke, etc. The application provides more than 30 fonts to apply to text. Also, the animated text function may attract your attention, since not every editor has it. With its help, you can make your photos and videos more memorable and stand out among the content of other users, the text on whose pictures will seem banal and uninteresting.
  • Working with music. Now no one will be surprised by a video with superimposed music, and therefore this utility, according to a glorious tradition, also provides users with this function. In addition to adding songs and melodies, you can change them, namely crop, speed up, slow down, etc.
  • Professional editing tools. Use options such as contrast, exposure, shadows, etc. to give your photos the appearance of professional processing.


Thus, having learned about the features and advantages of PREQUEL, we can conclude that the application is a kind of leader among other media content editors.