Snapseed is a photo editing application on your smartphone or tablet. Many users are interested in such applications due to the fact that social networks where you can upload your photos are currently actively developing. However, it is unlikely that anyone can be interested in simple images without any editing right now. Photo editors help users create creative content, attractive images, and mesmerizing photos. Among the competitors, Snapseed distinguishes its quality and professionalism. The utility is endowed with a huge set of functions and tools for photo editing. Among the key features of the program are a large number of filters, saving images without loss of quality, fast and smooth operation. Download the official version of Snapseed for iOS for free using the links provided by our website.


You can download this utility for processing media content and install it on your smartphone or tablet with the iOS operating system version 12.4 and higher.

Features of the Snapseed app for iOS

  • Processing photos in RAW format. Working with this format is an advantage of this program, as you can save your images without loss of quality. Also, with the help of the program, you can easily process pictures taken with a professional camera, since they often come in RAW format.
  • Snapseed is the most multifunctional photo editor among all the others. The utility has a huge number of professional tools for high-quality editing of pictures and images.
  • If you are professionally engaged in photography, then Snapseed will become your faithful assistant when creating high-quality content. Also, if you are engaged in amateur photography, it won’t be superfluous to have such an application at hand. Beginners can easily master almost all the editing tools provided in the application.
  • Basic editor – change exposure, light, contrast. Change the appearance of shadows, light and dark areas of the photo, color contrast, etc.
  • To make the photos clearer and of better quality, use the sharpness function.
  • In Snapseed, you can change the photo format, crop as you like, change the perspective and flip. The peculiarity of this option is that the program will finish drawing the missing sections of the picture after you turn it the way you need it.
  • Light correction can be applied not only to the entire photo, but also only to its individual sections. The brush tool will help you with this, with which you can lighten or darken a particular area of the image.
  • Working with text in the utility is presented at the highest level. In addition to simply adding text, it can be changed by choosing different fonts, color, size, shadow, etc.
  • Additional features are the HDR effect, glitter, blur, dark and light vignette, etc.
  • Also, the utility isn’t deprived of filters and effects that will make works of art out of your images. The most popular effects are those that can easily age a photo, give it a retro atmosphere. This is the effect of drama, Grunge, graininess, vintage, etc.
  • Use double exposure to blend two photos. Thus, you can easily replace the background in the picture, change the sky, water, and basically anything.


If you are tired of using several photo editors because each of them has some function that the other does not have, then Snapseed is the solution to your problem. This application contains almost all the necessary tools for image editing and creating high-quality content.