You have lots of creative animation ideas in your head, but don't know what to start with? Start with Blender. Our collection of lessons is designed to introduce you to the possibilities of Animation in Blender. Free lessons available will be useful for beginners as well as professionals. The lessons contain detailed information on creating Blender animations of basic objects and characters, texts and effects. You will learn how to build loops, move models around in space, change shape interactively, and do many other things.

Course Programme

Lesson 1: Character Animation. In this lesson, you will learn how to create one of the simplest character movement animations. Animate the basic walk of the selected object, arm waving and simple head turning. You will find out the simplest tools for working with bones, as well as the process features and details.

Lesson 2: Text Animation. In this lesson we use an easy example to show you how to animate texts. Here you will create your new project and practice with some standard effects. In the end, you will create a complex text animation effect in Blender.

Lesson 3: Animation Effects in Blender. This lesson is all about creating animated effects in Blender. We will make a simple flying particles effect. At this unit, we will show you how to choose the right category of effects for this and what settings to apply to create such an animation.