The popular program FileZilla was developed in 2001. The application is an FTP manager, that is, software for transferring data between devices. FileZilla is also the last project of the company "TIM KOSSE", as well as one of the best. Users appreciated the useful functionality, ease of use, flexibility and security of the application. You can download FileZilla for free for Windows official version using the links that are on our page.

The main functions and capabilities of the program

Before you install the program for free on Windows 11,10,8,7, XP, Vista with a bit depth of 64,32 bit, you should familiarize yourself with the functionality.

The current version of FileZilla contains:

  • Fast file transfer. The user can transfer data to another device in a matter of seconds.
  • Bookmarks. It is possible to add frequently used files to bookmarks.
  • Remote file editing. The user can edit the files when uploading.
  • Security. Personal data is visible only to the user.
  • Encryption. Complete security.

To quickly and free install the program on your computer, you need to do the following:

  1. follow the link to the page intended for installation;
  2. familiarize yourself with the functions;
  3. learn about supported devices;
  4. find and click on the "Download here" or "Install" button;
  5. wait until the download of the installation file is completed.

Installation after downloading the program

First, you need to choose where to save. Typically, users choose Desktop or the Start panel. In order to connect to the FTP server, you need to enter the address in the quick connection field. If the connection must be made through the protocol, then you need to enter only the name. It remains only to click on the built-in "Quick Connection" panel or on the "Enter" button to connect. You can save connection settings using the Site Manager. After connecting, select "Copy connection to Site Manager" from the menu. This is necessary in order to create a permanent account. Next, you also need to connect a partner device. Optionally, you can set up auto-update or enable notifications.


Thus, you can easily and freely download FileZilla, as well as use the proposed content.