Safari is an advanced and interesting browser from Apple that contains innovations and features. The browser is developed on the engine WebKit, it includes a program that optimizes browsing in the web. You can follow the link on this page and download the official Safari browser for Mac free.

The application is compatible with Mac OS platforms version 10.15 and up.

Safari browser options and features

  • search engines Yandex, Google, Yahoo, Duckduckgo;
  • banner blocking;
  • text search on the page;
  • RSS aggregator;
  • form filling;
  • QuickTime integration;
  • cover Flow feature;
  • reading list;
  • HTML5 compatibility;
  • spell checker. 

To install the latest version of the Safari browser on your mobile device, follow the link on this page. Then open the installed file in your download folder. After the installation is complete, a browser shortcut will appear on your desktop. The browser is ready to use.

Additional search engines in the Safari browser include Bing and Yahoo. Also an added bonus is a library of plug-ins to extend the browser's capabilities. Use the Safari browser and discover a different side of the Internet.