SRWare Iron is a web browser based on the Chromium open source project. It is optimized to provide enhanced privacy and security features, as well as faster browsing speeds compared to other browsers. You can download free official version of SRWare Iron for Mac OS from this page.

This browser emphasizes user data protection by avoiding usage tracking and providing an incognito mode with no cookies or history stored on the computer. It also offers a wide range of advanced security and privacy settings including ad-blocker, anti-phishing, script blocker, popup blocker, HTTPS Everywhere support and more. The browser also comes with numerous customization options such as custom themes, extensions and plugins allowing users to customize their browsing experience to their preferences. In addition, it provides support for video downloaders such as YouTube Downloader, Flash Video Downloader and more.

With optimized privacy settings and advanced security measures built into the browser, you can surf the web worry-free knowing that your data is secure. SRWare Iron is an ideal choice for those who need to browse safely without sacrificing speed or performance.