MSI Afterburner is a free program that was designed to overclock video cards. The application reached popularity among contemporaries after a few days. People will probably think: "Why did this happen?" The fact is that the software allowed users to work comfortably, because everyone liked the easy use and user-friendly interface. You can download MSI Afterburner for free for Windows official version using the links that are on our page.

The main functions and capabilities of the program

Before you install the program for free on Windows 11,10,8,7,XP with a bit depth of 64.32bit, you should familiarize yourself with the built-in features.

The latest version has:

  • security and privacy;
  • fine tuning;
  • geographic core tracking;
  • manage video card settings;
  • turn on the fan speed;
  • monitor setup;
  • video card load data;
  • equipment parameters.

To download MSI Afterburner for free to your computer, you need to run the following algorithm:

  1. follow the link to the page intended for installation;
  2. familiarize yourself with the features and supported devices;
  3. find and click on the "Download here" button;
  4. wait for the download to finish.

Note! Before installing, check the device's memory and confirmed installation permission so that there are no problems downloading the installation file.

Installation after downloading the program

When you first start, first, you need to choose the place of saving. After opening the free program, you will be prompted to select a language. After you accept the license agreement, the Component Installation screen appears. Next, you need to tick the boxes next to MSI Afterburner and RiverTuner Statistics Server and click the built-in "Next" panel.

All tips and technical assistance will be translated into the selected language. Next, you will automatically download the RiverTuner Statistics Server firmware.

In the top menu there will be three buttons: start a stress test, help about the program, as well as information about the video card, processor, ATS server and assigned hotkeys. The main screen of the utility is divided into three parts: the frequency and memory sensor, the main panel with sliders and the voltage and temperature sensor. With the help of these functions, the work with the application is carried out.


The popular MSI Afterburner program is developing to this day. Developers introduce new features, change the design, create new resources, but the program still remains free, for which you should pay tribute.