Puffin Browser is a well-known web browser. The popular program is a simple browser for accessing the World Wide Web "Internet". Contains a large number of hot links and information resources. Supports a large number of operating systems, including Windows XP, Vista,11, 10,8,7 with 64,32 bit bit. You can download Puffin Browser for Windows for free using the links on our page.


Puffin Browser has many functions. The main feature of browsers is fast search. Popular web browsers are endowed with the ability to remove viruses; in other words, they have a built-in antivirus. Data about the program is placed in the storage tabs. The sections contain not only options, but also information about them. The program also contains a multilingual interface, that is, the ability to translate into foreign languages.


To install the program for free on Windows, you need:

  1. follow the link to the website to download the installation file;
  2. familiarize yourself with the contents of the page;
  3. read the characteristic;
  4. learn about the built-in features;
  5. view screenshots taken in the app;
  6. familiarize yourself with the terms of use;
  7. find out information about supported devices;
  8. find and click on the "Download for free", "Install here" or "Download" button;
  9. wait for the download to finish.

Pay attention! If the file does not load, then the problem may be in the device memory or in an unconfirmed installation permission.


After installing the free program, select the installation location. The computer will automatically save the file to the "Trash". But, according to the user, for convenience, you should move the Puffin Browser to the desktop. Then you can proceed to the first launch.

To begin with, you should read the informational dialog boxes. Next, you will need to enter an administrator login or create one. After that, if desired, you can change the settings if the functions are not satisfactory. After saving all the changes, you can get to work, that is, move files, create folders, and other operations. To go to any site, you can use both a quick line and a voice search.


Thus, you can install the program on Windows for free, without making much effort either during installation or during use.