Cent Browser is a feature-rich web browser based on the Chromium engine that offers an advanced web browsing experience with a focus on speed, security, and customization. This article discusses supported Windows versions and the unique features that set Cent Browser apart from other web browsers.

Supported versions of Windows

Cent Browser is compatible with a wide range of Windows operating systems, providing accessibility for users with different versions of Windows. The browser supports:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

(Any subsequent versions of Windows released at the time of publication)

This broad compatibility ensures that users can enjoy the Cent Browser experience on both older and newer Windows devices.

Key Features

  1. Advanced privacy and security: Cent Browser includes advanced privacy and security features to protect users from online threats. It offers built-in ad and tracker blocking, providing a safer and cleaner browsing experience. Users can also enable privacy protection mode to further secure their online activities.
  2. High customizability: One of the distinguishing features of Cent Browser is its high level of personalization. Users can personalize their browser with various themes, extensions and toolbar settings. The browser allows you to change the settings according to your individual preferences.
  3. Super Drag: Super Drag enhances the user experience by allowing users to perform various actions by simply dragging selected text or links. This feature simplifies common tasks such as searching, translating, or opening links in new tabs.
  4. Mouse Gestures: Cent Browser supports customizable mouse gestures, allowing users to perform familiar actions with simple mouse movements. This feature improves efficiency and provides a more intuitive browsing experience.
  5. Memory Optimization: Cent Browser is designed to be a lightweight and efficient browser with built-in memory optimization features that reduce RAM consumption. This ensures smoother performance even when multiple tabs are open.
  6. Incognito Tab: Unlike traditional incognito mode, Cent Browser offers "Incognito Tabs" that allow users to open private browsing sessions in separate tabs rather than in separate windows. This feature provides greater flexibility and convenience for users who need to browse the web in private mode.
  7. Boss Key: The Boss Key feature allows you to quickly hide a browser window by pressing a predefined key combination. This is especially useful for users who need to maintain privacy in a shared or professional environment.
  8. Scrollable tab bar: Cent Browser's scrollable tab bar allows users to easily manage and navigate through a large number of open tabs. This feature enhances usability and prevents the clutter normally associated with multiple open tabs.
  9. Customizable New Tabs Page: Users can customize the New Tabs Page by choosing the layout, background, and labels they want. This personalization provides quick and efficient access to the most frequently visited sites and tools.


Cent Browser for Windows is a robust and customizable browser that focuses on privacy, security and user experience. With compatibility with a wide range of Windows versions, users can enjoy its advanced features on both older and newer devices. With a high degree of customizability, enhanced privacy protection and innovative features such as Super Drag and mouse gestures, Cent Browser is a powerful alternative to other Chromium-based browsers.