All users value their gadget, no matter how much it costs. Modern phones store a lot of personal information, this and contacts of loved ones, and passwords from email, from social networks, photos and videos. The loss of such information, in case of smartphone failure, will bring inconvenience and unpleasant emotions for anyone.

With the help of the program HiSuite, which was created by Chinese developers, you can quickly create a backup of data on a PC. The application will set up synchronization between devices, which will simplify the transfer of data. If necessary, you can quickly restore the information. Use the link on this page to download the official version of HiSuite for free.

The system requirements you will need to install HiSuite on your PC are:

  1. Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, XP, Vista 32 bit, 64 bit.
  2. 500 MB of disk space.
  3. 1 Gb of RAM.

The HiSuite utility has a pleasant interface in a calm color scheme. The program synchronizes devices, helps work with files, applications, video files. HiSuite has a built-in tool EmotionULTool, which helps you create your own themes for your smartphone interface.

The HiSuite application supports mobile device models of the Chinese manufacturer. With HiSuite, users can work with notes and calendar in smartphones. It is possible to connect a mobile device to the PC and with the help of a USB cable and Wi-Fi network. The program also has a multimedia player installed and an update tool.

Use the HiSuite app and manage your messages. Receive messages from your mobile device to your PC. Save screenshots that were created on your phone on your PC.

How do I download HiSuite on Windows

Download the program file and unzip it on your PC. Install the program using the instructions that will appear on the screen. Turn on the USB debugging feature on your phone. Launch the HiSuite application and start transferring files between devices.