Every user is always faced with the question, which program to choose for watching video and audio files? There is a wide range of players on the market. KMPlayer has a simple interface and a wide range of built-in features. Follow the link on this page and download the free official version of KMPlayer for Mac.

The player is installed on Mac OS version 10.6 and up. The bit size is 64 bit.

Program features

  • russified interface;
  • built-in codecs;
  • automatic updating;
  • minimal system load;
  • making your own playlists;
  • adjust the color balance, video mirroring;
  • video acceleration and deceleration;
  • subtitle management, encoding change;
  • using keyboard shortcuts.

How to download KMPlayer

Download KMPlayer from the link on this page. Then open the file in the Downloads folder and install it by double-clicking on it. Once the program is fully installed, start playing.

A great advantage of the KMPlayer player is that it can play files that were damaged or incompletely downloaded.