These days, everyone already knows and knows how to transfer the necessary files from your mobile device to your computer. Do they do it correctly? Not many people know that for the most comfortable transfer of data from one device to another, developers have invented special programs. Samsung Kies is a utility from the company of the same name, it helps to transfer data and share files. You can use the link and download the official version of Samsung Kies for Mac OS free.

The application is suitable for Mac OS platform version 10.05 and above.

Install Samsung Kies and view apps and files from your mobile device on your PC's big screen. Download programs to your PC and transfer them quickly and easily to your mobile device. Back up your documents, contacts and apps with the Samsung Kies utility and if your tablet crashes, you can quickly restore the information. Update the firmware of your phone with the Samsung Kies utility. For the first synchronization of the tablet and PC, you will need a USB cable, then this action can be performed using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Functions of the program Samsung Kies

  • creating backups;
  • sync between your mobile device and PC;
  • transfer data from one device to another;
  • view files that are located in your mobile device on your PC.

Download Samsung Kies for Mac OS

Follow the link on this page and download the file. Wait until the download is finished and open the file you installed. After the installation is finished, start working.

Samsung Kies makes transferring files between devices easy and fast. Backup files will help in case of emergency not to be left without the accumulated information. The program has a simple interface and will be an indispensable application for mobile devices.