Have you ever had to deal with the need to transfer files from one computer to another? Most likely, the answer is YES. For many people, this task causes a lot of difficulties due to the fact that you have to look for special cables or send everything on social networks, which is also not convenient, and for some file formats it is even impossible. Sending files is long, takes a lot of energy and nerves. If this is familiar to you, you are tired of all this and want to change something, then Zapya is what you are looking for. This software product is a free and multifunctional utility that is designed to facilitate the work of users with the process of transferring information between devices. The utility will be able to optimize and modernize your work, make it more pleasant and convenient. Download the official version of Zapya for Mac for free from our website.

The presented software product is intended for installation and operation on computers and laptops running the Mac operating system version 10.10 and higher.

The light and intuitive utility is endowed with a considerable number of useful functions.

Program Features of Zapya

  • No restrictions. The utility does not put any limits on the number of files transferred, their format or size. You can easily send anything you want to another computer, which traditional methods of transferring information between devices do not provide.
  • If you need to send a file not to one, but to several users at once, then the function of creating user groups will help you with this. You can create such a group with your family or friends and send all the files you need there without unnecessary energy consumption.
  • The security of the utility is guaranteed by many antivirus programs in which it has been tested. There are no viruses or any third-party malware in this application. Also, the program works imperceptibly, without interfering with the work of the main system processes.
  • For the convenience of users, the developers have added the ability to select the language of the program, and the list of available languages is impressive.
  • In addition to sending files from your device to another, you can also copy apps and games from another currently connected device to your own.
  • Create a backup copy of your computer or laptop and save it on the connected device to save data in case they are lost.
  • The key feature of the program is that despite all its advantages, as well as an impressive set of useful functions, it is distributed for free, which causes users a flurry of positive emotions.

Technological progress does not stand still, new programs are constantly appearing aimed at improving and facilitating the lives of users, and Zapya is their bright representative. Install this free professional software product and change your life for the better once and for all, getting rid of problems with data transfer between devices.