These days, every developer of computer programs, games, and other applications is familiar with the Java programming language. We can say that this language is the future. By following the link on this page, download Java development kit official version for Mac for free. The program is suitable for Mac OS version 10.7.3 and above.

JDK is a professional platform, from Oracle Corporation, to implement Java. This platform is suitable for creating enterprise applications, open source applications and for many other developments. Particularly popular platform gained popularity due to the fact that the JDK is free, so is available to all.

For the Mac platform, developers have released a special "advanced" package of features. JDK will simplify the process of developing, debugging, testing and monitoring the created applications from the beginning of work until its completion.

Java development Kit includes

  • tools and utilities to help develop and debug programs written in Java;
  • class libraries that support the operation of the applications you have written;
  • source code examples for programming and the architecture of the platform debugger;
  • header files.

The language of the Java development kit is English, there is no Russian version of the program.

How to install Java development kit on Mac OS platform

To install the kit make sure you have Java installed on your PC. Download the installation file from this page. Run the file on your PC. Check all the checkboxes and select the folder where you will install the program. Wait until the installation is complete and open the program.