Nowadays, an increasing number of people are switching from brushes to computer mice to create masterpieces. Of course, it's much easier and more convenient to work with drawings this way. Moreover, on a computer you can create not ordinary drawings, but vector ones, which will differ in a special quality and clarity of the image. Such images can be used as logos or animations, they will look more attractive against the background of competitive images. The Inkscape application will help you work with vector images and create any content you need. Download the official version of Inkscape for Mac OS for free from our website.


This utility can be easily used by any user of a computer or laptop running the Mac OS operating system.

Inkscape application features for Mac OS

  • The program is easy to use, equipped with a pleasant and intuitive interface, as well as well-planned tabs with tools. If you are new to vector drawing and are not confident in your abilities, do not worry, because working in this program will not cause you any special difficulties or problems. In the presented application, you can create logos for companies, projects, etc. They will be high-quality and clear thanks to the features of vector graphics. You can use the application for any of your purposes, up to the creation of animated films.
  • A large and high-quality set of functions, options and tools, the number of which is not inferior to their quality. You can be sure of the professionalism of the program, as it stands on a par with many similar utilities that work with vector graphics, and even bypasses some in terms of functionality and demand. The key factor when choosing a program to work with is its cost, and Inkscape bribes users with the fact that it is distributed completely free of charge. The developers have created an open-source program available to everyone. And if you suddenly have any problems while using the editor, or you have ideas about how to improve the project, you can always write to the developers directly, and they will do everything possible to help you stay satisfied with the presented software product.
  • If for one reason or another you need to process a bitmap image, then Inkscape will help you with this. The utility is able to work with raster graphics and moreover, it has a built-in converter of raster graphics to vector graphics.
  • The program supports all popular vector image formats and has its own format.
  • The presence of hotkeys for the convenience of using the application. The developers have also taken care of the convenience of users since hotkeys are a really important and extremely useful function. In addition to using the keyboard shortcuts already available in the program, you can also easily add your own keyboard shortcuts and link the actions and functions you need to them.
  • The presence of a status bar with current information about the selected object.
  • In the application, you can create a variety of shapes and edit them the way you want, using an airbrush, corrector, etc.


Inkscape is a good vector editor with which you can create logos, vector drawings, animations, as well as edit raster graphics.