The difference between the two types of programs is that if you have a cell phone or PC, you will be able to edit pictures and images. The program Photoscape is suitable for home use and for professional use, because it has a wide range of functions, from retouching images to create animation. Every user can follow the link on this page and download the official version of Photoscape for Mac OS for free.

The Photoscape app is suitable for Mac OS platform version 10.12 and higher.

Features of the new browser

  • view photos in slide mode;
  • color correction of photos;
  • ability to open multiple photos in one window;
  • create gif-animations, screenshots, collages;
  • slicing images into parts.

Download Photoscape for Mac OS on this page

Photoscape has an easy installation on any mobile device or tablet. Download the file on this page, once installed, open it and wait for the program to fully install. Then open your browser and start using it.

The Photoscape program opens up a fascinating world of beautiful images and allows you to edit photos to your liking.