Scanning a local network is quite an important function for every user. This option provides a person with the ability to ping the network and identify computers and users connected to it, as well as receive a detailed report. This way you can see who is using the network and for what purposes. To implement this process, special programs have been created, one of the representatives of which is Angry IP Scanner. The presented utility is able to efficiently ping IP addresses and provide the user with information about them. You can download the official version of Angry IP Scanner for Linux for free from our website.


This software product is perfect for working on computers and laptops with the Linux operating system. The application runs smoothly, does not break the system, and does not interfere with its main processes.

Program features

The lightweight and intuitive LAN scanner has a considerable number of useful and important functions, as well as an impressive list of features and advantages:

  • Do not worry about the complexity and intricacy of the program, because it is quite easy to use and suitable even for beginners. You will not have to sit for hours and figure out how the utility works, you will immediately understand everything.
  • This software product performs its work efficiently, pings IP addresses and, with a positive response from the server, is able to provide the user with detailed information about them.
  • If you have a need, you can save the received information to your computer in the form of a table of any format.
  • The information that the user receives after scanning is the name of the computer connected to the local network, the name of the workgroup and the system user.
  • The program has a set of hotkeys to optimize the user's work.


By installing the free utility on your computer, the user will be able to easily find out about all the devices connected to the local network. This is also an important advantage for employers who will be able to check whether their employees are using work computers for personal purposes. Do not waste time and hurry up to enjoy all the advantages of the presented software product.