Lantern is a free VPN application in order to bypass the blocking of websites and pages on the Internet. In the modern world, such applications have already become an integral part of our lives. Now quite often there are various kinds of conflicts between sites and Internet service providers. Because of this, many pages on the web are blocked and become inaccessible either to all users or to users in specific regions of the country. The Lantern is designed to help people overcome the blocking of websites and gain access to the desired content. The application is light and intuitive, but as useful as possible. It works quickly and efficiently and will help out any user who needs to get any blocked content. Download the official version of Lantern for Mac OS for free from our website.


You can download and install the Lantern utility on a device with Mac OS 11.0 operating system.

Features of the Lantern program for Mac OS

  • Easy to install and operate. Users like the application because it weighs little and doesn’t take up much space on the computer's hard disk. You will spend no more than five minutes downloading and installing the program. It starts in a matter of seconds, without forcing the user to wait. The operation of the application is smooth and high-quality, it quickly connects to servers and establishes a secure connection. Suitable for use by both experienced users and beginners.
  • Support high-speed internet connection. Many users think that when using a VPN program, the Internet speed will decrease due to working through a third-party server. However, the developers can assure you that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Despite the connection to the servers of other countries, the Internet speed will still be as high as when working without a VPN utility.
  • Free distribution. Many applications from this segment are provided to users for a fee due to the uniqueness of their functions. Developers understand the importance and necessity of such utilities and profit from it by selling them. However, the Lantern is a free utility, which is its unprecedented advantage. Of course, as in many similar programs, Lantern has a subscription to the PRO version of the application, but only in order to ensure a more convenient and comfortable use of the program.
  • Use from anywhere. For the utility, it doesn’t matter where you’re working from and through which connection. You can easily work via home Wi-Fi, connect to the wireless Internet in a cafe, work with the home Internet or distribute it to your laptop from your phone. This won’t affect the quality of the program in any way.
  • Safe operation. The program has been tested by many high-quality antiviruses, and you can be sure that it won’t bring any viruses to your computer or laptop. Also, during operation, the utility protects you and your data on the network with special encryption and data protection protocols. You have nothing to worry about, no one will steal your personal information during your stay in the Internet space.


Lantern will become a loyal friend and assistant when working on the network. The utility will bypass any prohibitions, remove the lock from the site or page and provide access to any content you need.