The free Lantern app will help you access any blocked content on the Internet and get to any page inaccessible in your region. Users often face the problem of not being able to access a particular site or page on the Internet. Many immediately get upset and lose hope of getting the data and files they need. However, don’t hang up your nose ahead of time. There are a considerable number of special VPN applications that can easily bypass any blocking on the Internet and open access to the content you need. Lantern is one of the leading utilities in this segment. The advantages of the application speak for themselves: easy, accessible, protects user data while working on the network, supports high Internet speed, etc. Download the official version of the Lantern utility for Android for free using the links on our website.


The presented mobile version of the application is designed to be installed on smartphones and tablets running the Android 5.0 operating system and higher.

Features of the Lantern program for Android

  • A simple and easy-to-use utility. The application is equipped with a minimum number of functions so as not to complicate users' lives. Despite the small number of options in the program, it is a professional product and performs its work efficiently and quickly. By opening the utility, the user will see a pleasant and intuitive interface. Suitable for use by both beginners and professional PC users.
  • It is provided free of charge. The developers have made the Lantern free, as they care about the comfort of their consumers. This detail distinguishes this utility from many similar ones. You can also subscribe to the PRO version in order to slightly improve and optimize the work in the application.
  • Work at high speed. Despite all the myths and prejudices about the speed drop while working through a VPN connection, this utility does everything possible to maintain a high speed of the user's Internet traffic during his stay on the Internet.
  • Functioning via any internet connection. You can use your home Internet or Wi-Fi from home or a cafe. It does not matter how you are connected to the Internet, the program will in any case perform the task and help you access the blocked pages.
  • Compactness. The application weighs a little and won’t take you much time to download and install. Many users worry that the program may take up a lot of space in the smartphone's memory or waste a large amount of battery power. You can be sure that the work of the Lantern won’t affect the functioning of the main system processes of your smartphone or tablet in any way.
  • Safe use. To begin with, it can be noted that the application has been tested in several leading antivirus programs and doesn’t contain threats to your device. In addition, Lantern will ensure the security of your personal data during Internet scrolling using special encryption protocols.


If you are looking for a program that can easily and quickly open access to any blocked content on the Internet without unnecessary problems, then you have found it. Lantern will help you solve all your problems and get access to any website you need on the network if it is blocked in your region for some reason.