The free multifunctional program Lantern is a VPN manager designed to help users while working on the Internet. The essence of this application is that it connects to foreign servers, hides your IP address and protects your personal data during your stay on the network. You may need this program if you are faced with such a problem as the inability to access any website or page on the Internet. Often, Internet service providers block some sites due to disagreements with their policies. Thus, users living in certain regions cannot access the desired content. But the Lantern is able to easily remove any blocking from the site and give you access to the necessary content. Download the official version of Lantern for iOS for free from our website.


The developers of the Lantern application have created a mobile version of the utility for the iOS platform, which you can download using the links from our website.

Features of the Lantern program for iOS

  • Compact utility. You shouldn’t worry that the application will take up a lot of space in your device's memory or will waste a lot of battery power. The light and intuitive application won’t cause you discomfort. It is downloaded and installed in two accounts. Also, despite the scope of the program, it won’t interfere with other Internet applications or slow down the main system processes.
  • Easy to use. The program is extremely clear and easy to use. You won’t get confused in its functions and immediately understand what's what. Suitable for beginners and experienced users.
  • Don’t pay for use. The application can be installed and used completely free of charge, using a monthly traffic package. Also, you can subscribe to the PRO version of the utility to optimize your work.
  • Support high-speed internet connection. Even when connected to foreign servers, the application provides high-speed and stable Internet operation.
  • You can work from home by connecting to your home Internet or Wi-Fi or connect to Wi-Fi in a cafe or any other public place. The utility performs its work efficiently through any Internet connection.
  • Maximum security. While surfing the Internet, the program protects your personal data and information using special encryption protocols. Also, the application itself doesn’t pose any threat to you and your device, which is confirmed by numerous checks in leading antivirus programs.


You shouldn’t give up what you want and hang your nose when you cannot access the content of a blocked site. Use the free VPN utility Lantern to solve your problems.