VPN for iOS is an application that was presented to users as a VPN with the DNS-server protocol from the Cloudflare provider. The WARP technology is built into the program, which has several features, such as: protection on the network, bypassing all kinds of locks, encrypting the list of visiting resources from any Internet-provider. This VPN makes life much easier for many users, because most of them just live on the Internet, and it happens that you need to go to a certain site, but unfortunately it is blocked. Then VPN comes to the rescue and copes with its task in a few clicks. Therefore, if you want to download the official version of VPN for free to your device iOS, then follow the link on our website and select the desired file.

VPN is compatible with iOS operating system version 6.8 and higher.

Program features

  • Cloudflare DNS – unlimited traffic during the connection of the mobile device and the Internet.
  • WARP privacy.
  • Clear and simple interface.
  • Increased speed due to Cloudflare WARP+.

Using VPN for iOS

To start using VPN on your device, it only takes a few clicks. The first thing - select the file with the desired version of your operating system. Then click on the file to download to the device. Almost done. It remains to follow the instructions and agree with the proposed rules by the developer. That's it, you can run and use it.


VPN for iOS has many features, both free and paid. The speed of loading pages on third-party resources increases and you can download the desired content without any problems.