Blocking pages and websites on the Internet is one of the pressing problems of our time. Users often face a similar problem that arises due to the discrepancy between the interests of sites and Internet providers. Many immediately fall into despair, because they don’t know how to bypass the block and get to the needed site. But it's not as bad as it might seem. There are special VPN programs established to help users bypass the blocking of Internet pages and gain access to the necessary content. Lantern is a representative of such programs and one of the leaders in this segment. The application is light, intuitive, and does its job without complaints. You can use it for free or subscribe to the PRO version for more convenience and comfort work. Download the official version of Lantern for Linux for free using the links provided by our website.


Any user of a computer or laptop based on the Linux operating system can easily download and install the free Lantern application on their device and subsequently enjoy using it.

Features of the Lantern utility for Linux

  • Use the program completely free of charge. The utility is provided to users free of charge. This means that you can use it without spending your money to pay for its work. However, like many similar applications, this utility provides users with the opportunity to subscribe to the PRO version, with which working in the application will be a little more convenient and comfortable.
  • Ensuring safety at work. To begin with, it should be noted that the application has been tested in several professional antivirus programs, and it doesn’t pose any threat to the device. The program also ensures the protection of data and personal information during your stay in the Internet space. Lantern uses special data encryption protocols, so don't worry that scammers can steal them while you're using a VPN.
  • Support for high-speed Internet connection. Many people worry that when working with a VPN, their traffic speed will drop due to connecting to a third-party server in another country. However, this isn’t the case at all. The developers have made sure that users can continue to work online at the highest possible speed.
  • Convenience and ease. One of the advantages of the utility is that it weighs little and doesn’t take up much space in the computer's memory after its installation. Downloading and installing the program will take you literally 5 minutes. Users also note the pleasant and intuitive interface of the application, as well as the smoothness of its operation. The utility can be used by both beginners and experienced users. Moreover, you shouldn’t worry about the fact that the Lantern will in any way affect the operation and functioning of your device. The utility doesn’t interfere with system processes and doesn’t overload the device.
  • Choose a network and a place of work yourself. Work through your home network, Wi-Fi, or distribute the Internet from your phone to your laptop. For Lantern, it doesn’t matter what connection you use, it will function with any network and try to make your stay on the Internet more pleasant and comfortable.


Lantern will help you optimize your work on the Internet, bypass the blocking of websites and web pages, as well as gain access to any blocked content.