The life of many people has become easier with the advent of torrent files. Previously, the process of downloading content from the Internet to the device was quite problematic and took a lot of time and effort from users. Now everything has become different. Thanks to torrent clients, downloading files from the network has become easy and accessible. A striking representative of such programs is uTorrent. The presented software product provides users with the opportunity not only to download any information from the Internet, but also to do it quickly and easily. Download the official version of uTorrent for Linux for free from our website and optimize your work with downloads of games, applications, videos, etc.

The presented utility will run smoothly on PCs or laptops with the Linux operating system.

uTorrent features

This multifunctional software product is distinguished by some features and features provided:

  • Download files of any format and any size. The application optimizes the download of content from the Internet and makes it easy and fast. With the help of uTorrent, users are able to download movies, applications, games and much more.
  • Support for multithreaded loading. There is no need to wait for the first document to load in order to start loading the second one. The utility provides an option for simultaneous downloading of content. You can also easily put downloads in a queue or on a timer for a certain day and time. You can also set the start and end of the distribution of torrents on the timer.
  • The presented software product intelligently consumes network traffic without overloading it and without interfering with the work of other network applications. If something does not suit you, you can manually set the maximum download speed to optimize the operation of your computer or laptop.
  • The pleasant appearance of the program and the intuitive interface will not leave anyone indifferent. In the program settings, you can also choose the language you need from the forty provided.
  • View the content that you download right during the download. There is no need to wait until the movie is fully downloaded to the device, start watching it immediately after the download starts.
  • Sort downloaded files by folders on the computer. The utility will help you place content in logically correct folders, which will facilitate and optimize your work.

uTorrent is an easy and useful program for downloading torrents from the network to your device. The application will facilitate your work with downloads and help you get any files from the Internet to your PC or laptop. Install uTorrent for free from our website.