Many programs in the world help users improve the quality of their lives. With the advent of torrents like Deluge, downloading and storing information has become much easier and more accessible. Books, disks are outdated. You can get information from the internet from the comfort of your home and with access to the internet. Download the official free version of Deluge torrent for Mac on this page. 

Deluge for Mac is suitable for Mac OX 10.6 and newer.

Deluge is a free torrent client that is open source, has many additional options and plugin support. You can set up remote share management.

Deluge for Mac features

  • information sharing;
  • plugin database;
  • user interface;
  • protocol encryption;
  • local peer-to-peer discovery;
  • rapid protocol extension;
  • proxy support;
  • bandwidth scheduler;
  • passwords;
  • RSS.

How to download Deluge for Mac

Download Deluge torrent for Mac on this page. After downloading the file, open it and wait until the program is fully installed on your mobile device. Then open the file, customize the interface to your needs and start searching or sharing.


Deluge torrent has a user-friendly interface that is not burdened with unnecessary details and information. The interface is customizable, users can disable unnecessary panels, columns and tabs.