Diablo Immortal is a mobile adaptation of the popular computer game Diablo. The action takes place between part 2 and part 3 of the original game. An anti-hero named Scarn wants to collect the broken off pieces from the rock of creation and subjugate all worlds. The player's task, choose a hero and collect these shards before he does. Follow this link and download the free official version of Diablo Immortal for Android.

There are several positive heroes in the game: a barbarian, a crusader, a demon hunter, a monk, an enchanter, and what's amazing a necromancer. Each character has unique skills and abilities that can be improved during the game. The game presents new, amazing locations, and in the central city you can meet other players, and create a squad. The action of the game develops unhurriedly, the details, dialogues, all elements of the narrative and the story are interconnected.

The program is suitable for the Android platform version 5.0. and above.

Options and Features

  • beautiful graphics;
  • character development;
  • exciting storyline;
  • tasks for the characters;
  • rich stories;
  • brutal battles against demons;
  • squad creation;
  • many new locations.

How to install Diablo Immortal for Android

To download the game, follow the link on this page, then open the downloaded file, run the installation. After the application is fully installed, the program icon will appear on the mobile device screen, open it, register and start the game.


Once the player reaches the maximum level of character development, levels of improvement open up for him, as in the game Diablo 3, this is an additional enhancement that characters get for their experience. You can raise defensive characteristics, increase your luck in obtaining rare items, increase damage, and more.