If the user needs a free emulator program to run applications, then the best choice is 8GadgetPack. The application achieved popularity among contemporaries in a matter of days. All users liked the easy use and user-friendly interface because the functionality allows you to work comfortably with the program. You can download 8GadgetPack for free for Windows official version using the links that are on our page.


Before you install the program for free on Windows 11, 10 ,8,7, XP, Vista with 64,32 bit, you should familiarize yourself with the built-in features.

The latest version has such basic functions as security and privacy, synchronization, support for 3D games, application catalogue, high speed, control settings, localization, on-screen controls, key mapping, virtualization technology and high performance.


To download 8GadgetPack for free to your computer, you need to perform the following algorithm:

  • follow the link to the page intended for installation;
  • familiarize yourself with the functions and supported devices;
  • find and click on the "Download here" button;
  • wait for the download to finish.

Pay attention! Before installation, you should check the device memory and the confirmed installation permission to have no problems with downloading the installation file.


  • Keyboard setup. You need to start the game to choose a convenient way to control. Unique settings are applied for each game.
  • Assign a shared folder. To install the application, you can first create a shared folder where information data will be saved after the download is completed. The function will significantly save time searching for a particular program.
  • Screen resolution and RAM size settings. The operation of this option takes place in the "gears" section, where the user chooses the necessary parameters for the device.

Important! The user must not only save the changes made but also restart the emulator after such operations.


The popular 8GadgetPack program is developing today. Developers introduce new features, change the design, create new resources, but the program remains free, for which we should pay tribute.