SRWare Iron is a secure, fast, and reliable web browser based on Google's popular Chrome technology. It has been stripped of many intrusive features that come pre-installed with Chrome such as the collection of user data and increased security measures to protect privacy. You can download free official version of SRWare Iron for Windows on this page.

It’s important to note that SRWare Iron isn't just about privacy – it's also a fast and lightweight browser that provides an intuitive interface, great support for HTML5 technologies and excellent compatibility with most popular websites, making it great for everyday use.

Along with this, an array of tools and features have been added by SRWare to make the browser more efficient. These include improved bookmarking options, enhanced tab management capabilities, an optimized start page layout, advanced download manager support, and additional customization options for users. Using Iron can help protect your data from prying eyes and malicious actors, while also providing a fast and reliable browsing experience.

SRWare Iron is an ideal choice for those looking for a lightweight yet secure web browsing experience.