Waterfox is a free web browser based on Mozilla Firefox's source code and is specifically tailored to be privacy-centric and user friendly. To download Waterfox for Windows free official version follow the link on this page.

This browser has been developed with the intention to provide users of all versions of Windows, including Windows XP, Vista and even Windows 2000, with a fast and secure web browser that doesn't track user data. Waterfox runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows operating systems. The latest version (68) is also compatible with older operating systems such as XP or Vista but it may be less stable than newer versions due to lack of active development for those platforms. Therefore, it is highly recommended to upgrade your system to the supported versions if possible before installing Waterfox.

Waterfox includes extensive privacy tools such as anti-tracking, HTTPS Everywhere and NoScript by default. It also offers unique features like optimized builds of popular addons like uBlock Origin, Trim Data and more. Additionally, it provides superior performance when compared to other browsers due to its optimized Javascript engine.

With Waterfox for Windows you can browse the internet quickly and safely with peace of mind knowing that your data won't be tracked or monitored without your consent. Get it now and take control of your online experience!