Currently, many computer and laptop users need to diagnose their devices in order to obtain complete and detailed information about it. This information has many practical applications, so its significance is extremely high. However, not every user knows where and how to get this information. In this case, a special system diagnostics program - CPU-Z will come to help. The presented product is a professional in its field and is able to analyze your device and provide you with all the necessary technical information quickly and efficiently. Download the official version of CPU-Z for Windows for free from our website and make sure the program is professional.


The presented software product can be easily downloaded and installed on a computer or laptop running Windows operating system version XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11, 32/64-bit.

This utility for system diagnostics and collection of technical information is endowed with a considerable number of useful functions. The application provides you with many options for scanning the system. The main characteristics and advantages of the program are presented below:

  • During system diagnostics, the utility collects all available information about the processor and provides it to the user. You will receive data about the processor name, nuclear voltage, frequency, processor multiplier, etc.
  • In the process of work, the analysis of RAM is performed. The information received will reflect the type of RAM, the number of channels and model statistics.
  • The motherboard is also included in the set of diagnostic elements. Upon completion of the analysis, you will find out its manufacturer, the name of the model, get information about the graphical interface.
  • Also, the presented software product will scan and determine your video card, its name, frequency, type, etc.
  • After the utility has successfully analyzed your entire device, it will give you the received data in the form of a report that you can save to your computer.


  • Small in size and intuitive for everyone. The utility will not take up much space on the computer and will not interfere with the operation of the system or load it.
  • The ability to use hotkeys. Learn about the keyboard shortcuts for the program and use it with great convenience.
  • Free access to functions. You can freely diagnose a PC or laptop without paying for it.
  • Work on all processors and Windows OS versions. The application does not need high PROCESSOR performance or the latest OS version.


Knowledge of technical information about the device is extremely important and valuable. Every second computer or laptop user sooner or later needs to get detailed information about their device. To solve this issue, a special system diagnostics program has been created - CPU-Z. While working, users have no doubts about the professionalism and quality of the application. Install the program on your computer or laptop with Windows OS and see for yourself the benefits of the presented software product.