This course of lessons on working in Adobe Photoshop is designed for beginners in this field. In Photoshop, you can not only edit photos, but also do many other interesting things, for example, change the color of an object or replace the background with a photo. You will learn about this and much more in the lessons presented below:

Lesson 1. Setting up the Adobe Photoshop program. Before using the utility, you need to configure it and you will learn how to do it best in this lesson. Here are the basic settings of the application: settings of the working environment, the use of space and memory of the device, etc.

Lesson 2. Edit tab part 1. This lesson discusses the functions of the editing panel and how to use them. The lesson is presented in two parts.

Lesson 3. Edit tab part 2. The second part of the lesson is an overview of the editing panel in Photoshop. Here we consider the second part of all the functions and options located there.

Lesson 4. How to remove yellowness from a photo. A lesson that presents an easy way to "whitewash" any photo in a couple of minutes.

Lesson 5. How to make a black and white photo. Adobe Photoshop offers many possibilities for creating black-and-white images. A professional settings panel will help you make a B/W picture more qualitative and balanced. This tutorial will help you get to know this panel better.

Lesson 6. How to select an object in a photo. In this lesson, you will get acquainted with all the tools available in the program for selecting objects in this utility.

Lesson 7. How to change the color of an object in a photo. This lesson will help you to learn how to change the color of an object easily and quickly in Photoshop. In addition, there are several ways to change the color at once, so that you can choose the easiest and most convenient for you.

Lesson 8. How to blur the background in a photo. An easy lesson from which you will learn the algorithm for blurring the background in the picture through the use of Photoshop tools.

Lesson 9. How to replace the background on a photo. In this lesson, you will learn what tools you need to use and in what sequence to change the background on any picture to any other.

Lesson 10. How to make a black and white photo colour. It's no secret that technology has reached unprecedented heights in the modern world. So in Photoshop, you can now easily "color" a black-and-white photo and return it to brightness and color. This lesson reveals the secrets of how to make a colorless photo colorful.

Lesson 11. High pass retouching for editing portrait images. If you have long wanted to know the secret of how to take pictures like on the covers of magazines, then here it is! High pass retouching is a special technique for editing portrait images, with which you can easily and quickly transform your photo.