It is difficult to imagine life without the Internet, various applications, gadgets, and modern technologies. In order to have constant access to the Internet, users use specialized software products called browsers. Mozilla Firefox is a powerful Internet browser that will become a loyal friend and guide to the world of the Internet. The application not only allows you to work with the world wide web, but also provides a considerable number of options and opportunities for each user. Download the official version of Mozilla Firefox for Mac OS for free from our website and optimize your Internet experience by working in a high-quality browser.


The presented software product can be easily downloaded and installed on a PC or laptop running the Mac operating system with the following requirements:

  • Mac OS version 10.12 - 11;
  • processor: Intel x86 and higher;
  • RAM: 512 MB;
  • disk: 200 MB of free space.

About the program

The easy-to-use and intuitive browser has a considerable number of advantages:

  • Flexibility of settings. Now each user can easily change the working environment as he wants, customize it for himself. You can easily change the color scheme of the application, the theme, the position of the main tools on the panel. You can also add the necessary files and tabs to the main page to always have quick access to them.
  • Optimization of work speed. The developers have made sure that users remain as satisfied and satisfied as possible from the use of the presented software product. To achieve this goal, the developers have optimized and increased the speed of the browser, reduced the waiting time for pages to load, and improved performance.
  • The address bar can become a second toolbar. The search bar takes information from the history of site visits, analyzes it, and subsequently, when you start writing a query, it offers possible options for ending the query, based on your activity in the application on various sites.
  • Updated library and screenshots. In this utility, the library is far from the weak link. it contains a history, bookmarks, synchronized tabs, etc. Screenshots can be easily taken right while working in the browser. A screenshot can be taken both in full screen and in the size of the selected area.


Mozilla Firefox is a web browser for convenient and pleasant work on the Internet. Users can easily take advantage of all the available features of the presented software product and make sure of its professionalism. The program will not leave you indifferent, as the speed of work and the number of additional options and features are simply impressive.