Selecting a personal browser to work on the Internet is an important and responsible task. Not every web browser can provide a user with a pleasant experience with virtual space. Many programs in this segment do not have a set of options and capabilities sufficient to ensure that a computer user in the 21st century could not limit himself in anything while working with the Internet. Mozilla Firefox is a fundamentally new software product that is popular with users around the world. The application stands out from the competition with its interface and an impressive number of advantages. Download the official version of Mozilla Firefox for Windows for free from our website.


The presented software product is designed for trouble-free operation on computers and laptops running the Windows operating system with the following minimum requirements:

  • Windows 32/64-bit XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11;
  • processor: Pentium 4 with SSE2 support;
  • RAM: 512 MB (32-bit), 2 GB (64-bit);
  • disk: 200 MB of free space.

Features of Mozilla Firefox

The browser works quickly, easily, without failures and errors. Also, the utility does not consume excess energy, traffic, does not interfere with the operation of the system and does not harm it. The key Features:

  • Improved version of the search bar. By entering a query into the search bar, you will see personal offers, sites that the browser will prompt you based on your history of visiting sites and surfing the web. This option will be useful to many, since you will not have to re-search all the sites and the necessary pages, enter long search queries.
  • Synchronize information with all devices. The presented application gives users the opportunity to seamlessly synchronize information, tabs and bookmarks with all devices where they are logged in to their account. Also, in the settings, you can configure a ban on syncing certain information that you do not want to distribute.
  • Configure the browser for yourself. Now each user can edit the appearance of the browser as he likes. You can easily change the theme, colors, location of the toolbar and the content of the main menu, the original page.
  • Efficiency. The speed of loading pages and information on them exceeds all expectations. The browser works fast, does not make users suffer in anticipation.


If you still haven't found the perfect Internet browser to work on the global network, then Mozilla Firefox is what you've been looking for for so long. Download the free application to your computer or laptop and see the professionalism of the program on your own experience.