Halo: Combat Evolved is the first part of the game Halo, which was adapted for personal computer. The game is set in the future, the player will go through the game from the first person. The task of the player character is to explore the artificially created planet Halo. In the course of the game you will have to use different types of weapons and tactics during the combat tasks. Click on this link and download the free official version of Halo for Windows.

The main character's name is Master Chief, and he is a cybernetically enhanced soldier dressed in combat armor, like an exoskeleton, with the number 117. The armor generates an energy shield that protects the main character from damage. When hit by shots or explosions, Master Chief's armor weakens, you can restore health with first-aid kits or by dodging battles, in a calm environment the armor will restore itself.

The main character is accompanied by Cortana, an artificial intelligence, who can hack into other people's computer systems and decipher transmissions. Cortana is portrayed as a girl.

Master Chief's enemies in the game are the Covenants, several alien races that have united for one purpose - to destroy the human race. Covenants have a technological superiority over humans and more advanced weapons.

The program is suitable for installation on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11 with 32-bit and 64-bit bit sizes.

Options and features of Halo: Combat Evolved for Windows

  • real time strategy;
  • 4 levels of difficulty;
  • need tactics to solve problems;
  • excellent armored suit;
  • sweeping the territory from enemies;
  • you can control vehicles;
  • dynamic plot;
  • large-scale map for action.

How to install Halo: Combat Evolved for Windows

To download the game, follow the link on this page, then open the downloaded file, run the installation, after the application is fully installed, the program icon will appear on the PC screen, open it, register and start the game.


Each user will have to use and pump up their tactical abilities to keep Master Chief alive. The game is built in such a way that the enemy is superior in armament to the protagonist, which means you will have to use all your cunning, intelligence and resourcefulness to win battles.