File managers occupy a high place in the rating of popular software. One of these utilities is iTools. The free application differs from its contemporaries in its user-friendly interface and useful functions. The popular program supports many devices. iTools supports a 64,32 bit operating system of Windows. You can download iTools for free for Windows official version by clicking on the links that are on our page.

The main content of the program's functionality

Basically, the built-in capabilities are important for users, because everyone wants to work comfortably with this or that application. The developers offer a convenient multilingual interface for comfortable use. The main possibility is a secure and confidential connection and data storage, because it is important for every person that personal data is encrypted from unauthorized access. 

Based on the listed software functions, we can say for sure that iTools is worth special attention among modern utilities.


Fast installation is guaranteed if you follow the link to the page intended for installation. In order to make sure that the program is necessary, you should study the characteristic, that is, the version number. To avoid problems with installation, you should familiarize yourself with the supported devices. Optionally, you can also familiarize yourself with the functionality again before downloading. As a result, all that remains is to find the built-in "Download" panel and click.

Using the utility

  • In the "Media" section, the user can install audio recordings. It is possible to edit the ringtone and upload it to the device's memory. 
  • In "Books", you can install books found on the Internet and transfer them to your device. It is also possible to delete read files from the device..
  • The FileSystem section is designed to work with photos and videos. Users can share similar files. 
  • Desktop - managing icons on the desktop. In the "Advanced" section, you can clean the file system, install system and crash logs, and connect to iTunes.
  • In the Applications window, the user can delete unnecessary applications from the device. This can be done by marking each one and clicking the "Uninstall" button at the top.

The conclusion

iTools is really worth attention from users interested in utilities for managing devices, because the software is not only free, but also convenient.