Despite the fact that we live in a digital world that is constantly evolving and modernizing, no one is protected from Internet failures. It happens that the network speed drops for unknown reasons or you can't get to the site because it is blocked. In this case, do not despair, get angry and turn off the laptop. The solution to the problem lies on the surface. All you need is a DNS Jumper. The presented program is designed to solve network problems in a non-standard way. It works in such a way that it scans the network and finds available DNS servers, then selects the fastest and safest one and connects to it. Thus, problems with Internet speed and security can be solved in two clicks. Download the official version of DNS Jumper for Windows for free from our website and check the quality of the program.


This utility is suitable for users of computers and laptops with the operating system Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11, 32/64 bit.

Application features

  • Bypassing site blocking. If you have been surfing the World Wide Web and suddenly stumbled upon a blocked site that you really need to get to, then DNS Jumper will help you solve this problem. The program will skillfully bypass all prohibitions and will give you access to any blocked site so that you can safely continue to enjoy your time on the Internet.
  • Computer protection. DNS Jumper not only optimizes your work in the Internet space, but also makes it more secure. Thanks to special codes, the program analyzes all available servers and connects only to secure and verified ones. Rest assured, if the application has any doubts about the security of the DNS server, it will not connect to it.
  • Parental control. If you have children and you want to protect them from prohibited information, then this function will help you with this. You only need to enable it in the settings, and your children will not be able to get to the banned sites.
  • Increase the speed of the Internet. It is the key option in the presented software product. By choosing a new and faster server, the program increases the speed of your Internet several times.


No one likes it when the Internet speed drops, when he cannot access the site because of a ban or when the security of his computer is threatened. DNS Jumper will dispel your fears and save you from unnecessary worries. The professional program easily copes with tasks such as increasing Internet speed, protecting the user's device while surfing the web, opening access to blocked sites.