Graphic editor Krita from German developers brings drawing and editing ready-made images, to a new level. The program has flexible settings, an impressive catalog of brushes, supports work with each layer and helps create animation. You can use the link on this page and download the official version of Krita for Mac OS free.

The editor is suitable for the Max OS X platform version 10.12 and higher.

Krita is the result of more than 10 years of work. During this time, new features have been added to the program. Now in the program, you can not only draw pictures and illustrations, but also work with ready-made images, change the background and use special effects.

Features of the program

  • the ability to customize the program interface to the user and save the settings;
  • stabilizers for working with brushes;
  • pop-up palette;
  • brush catalog;
  • working with each layer separately;
  • HDR support;
  • image animation.

How to download Krita on Mac OS

Krita has a simple installation on any mobile device or tablet. Download the file on this page, open it after installation and wait for the program to be fully installed. Then open the editor and start using it.


The adaptation of Krita for the Mac platform has brought great joy to artists and illustrators who prefer this platform. The editor is easy to customize to your preferences, you can change the layout of panels or dockers, create shortcuts for your favorite tools. The application is also suitable for ordinary lovers of drawing, because working with this program is a pleasure!