The main purpose of the free program System Mechanic is to connect the hardware and software parts. In other words, the application allows you to update devices and control software. System Mechanic supports many devices, including Windows, but the operating system must be 64.32 bit. You can download System Mechanic for free for Windows official version using the links on our page.

Since the driver is needed to control the device, the utility provides data encryption and guarantees a secure connection. System Mechanic allows manual configuration. The user can edit functions by enabling or disabling certain properties. The "Soft" option will allow you to establish mutual understanding between the device and the person. The download Manager will show the history of installed drivers and the characteristics of the software.

The program is suitable for the operating system Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11 with digit capacity 32,64 bit.


To install the program on your computer for free, you need to click on the link to the page intended for installation. Find out about supported devices. Get acquainted with the characteristics of the functions. Find the built-in "dOwnload" panel and click Installation after downloading


To save the drivers, open the main menu and click "Backup Driver". If you need to save a certain type of driver, then you need to find the "Backup selected drivers" function. To save all drivers, there is a "Backup all drivers" on the general control panel. The saved drivers will be in the dialog box lists.

The process of work

To begin with, the user will receive an administrator key, that is, he will be authorized. Clicking on the "Scan" button will get information in the statistics list about outdated drivers. Installation packages can be updated both automatically and manually. In the "Parameters" section, the user will be able to control the functions, select the translation language. Optionally, you can enable notifications and configure automatic updates.


Thus, it turned out that System Mechanic is a popular program for updating drivers. The app is both free and easy to use.