Social media users often post their profile pictures. It is difficult for them to imagine publishing images without processing, so photo editing programs are very popular. Darkroom is an application for processing images and videos on mobile devices in RAW-format. The software is the winner of the "Apple Design Award 2020". You can download the official version of Darkroom for free for iOS if you follow the link on this page.

Functions of program Darkroom

At the bottom of the screen there is a color correction scale divided by degrees. You can use it to align the contour lines of photos. In order for the user to conveniently rotate the images, the developers provided arrows that are placed along the scale ruler. There are 12 filters built into the software. The set of factory filters has a large number of color correction templates.

Also, the application has built-in features such as:

  • digital drawing tools;
  • creating collages;
  • display of changes made;
  • presence of an RGB histogram;
  • transformation of photos into drawings;
  • publishing images on social networks;
  • video editing with music overlay and filters;
  • tools for working in EXIF;
  • brush catalog;
  • applying watermarks and captions to photos;
  • create animated wallpapers.

Downloading of utility

To install the software, you need to select the appropriate link on our website according to the operating system installed on your mobile device. Darkroom supports the iOS operating system. In order to download the Darkroom app for iPhone or iPad, you need to select the App Store link. After installation, the utility icon will appear on the hardware screen. All that remains is to click on it and start using it.

Using Darkroom

A label with sliders located on the main panel will help you adjust brightness, contrast, temperature, saturation, sharpness and vignetting. The color correction schedule is divided into many departments. The color correction lines can be adjusted either one at a time or all at once. If the processed photo is to your liking, then you will only have to save it to your device using the "Save" panel.


Darkroom is a high–quality photo and video editing application. In this software, the user can not only change ready-made photos and videos, but also create collages and their own videos.