Comodo Dragon is a web browser that is free of cost, operable at high speeds, and multifaceted. It includes several security improvements and extra features that make it an ideal choice for users who want a secure browsing experience. It has been certified by many of the industry-leading security companies such as Symantec, McAfee, Kaspersky Lab etc., giving users further peace of mind when browsing online. Follow the link on this page to download free version of Comodo Dragon for Windows.

The browser utilizes the same codebase as Firefox but with added privacy protection from Comodo, one of the leading providers of online privacy solutions. Fully compatible with existing Firefox plug-ins and extensions, Comodo Dragon combines freedom of use with the unparalleled security and peace of mind offered by Comodo's advanced technologies. With this powerful combination, you can browse safely and securely while taking advantage of all the great features available in Firefox.

It also offers superior speed and performance. It includes an advanced privacy mode and has the ability to block tracking cookies, phishing sites, and other malicious websites. Additionally, this browser has options for malware scanning, parental control settings, a secure password manager, access to virtual private networks (VPNs), stealth browsing mode for improved security, and more. All of these features combine to make Comodo Dragon one of the most reliable web browsers available today.

The installation process is quick and easy, which ensures that users can be up and running with the program in no time at all. Whether you’re an experienced internet user or a beginner, Comodo Dragon can help you to stay safe online.