Qustodio is the leading parental control software designed to help parents monitor and manage their children's online activities on a variety of devices, including Windows PCs. With powerful features and intuitive controls, Qustodio allows parents to protect their children from online threats and provide a safe and secure digital environment.

Key Features for Windows

  1. Activity Monitoring: Qustodio provides comprehensive activity monitoring tools, allowing parents to track web browsing history, app usage and children's screen time on the device. With detailed activity reports, parents can gain insight into their children's online behavior and identify any potential risks or issues.
  2. Content Filtering: Protect your children from inappropriate content with Qustodio's advanced content filtering features. Customize filtering settings to block access to websites, apps and online content that is not appropriate for your child's age or interests, ensuring a safer online experience.
  3. Time management: Set healthy limits on screen time and create productive digital routines with Qustodio's time management tools. Define specific time periods during which your child can use their Windows device and automatically block access to the Internet or certain apps at set times, such as nap or study time.
  4. Social media monitoring: Supervise your child's social media activity and interactions with Qustodio's social media monitoring features. Track posts, messages and friend requests on popular social media platforms to ensure your child's online interactions are positive and safe.
  5. Remote Control: Manage Qustodio settings and monitor your child's activities remotely from any Internet-connected device. Whether at home or on the go, you can access the Qustodio dashboard through a web browser or mobile app to stay informed and monitor your child's online safety.

Compatibility with Windows versions

Qustodio is compatible with a wide range of Windows versions including Windows 7, 8, 8.1,10 and newer version of Windows. Whether you are using a Windows desktop, laptop or tablet, Qustodio provides seamless integration and reliable operation across all Windows devices, ensuring that parents can effectively monitor and manage their children's online activities regardless of the version of Windows they are using.


Overall, Qustodio for Windows offers a full suite of parental control features including activity monitoring, content filtering, time management, social media monitoring and remote management. With Qustodio, parents can create a safer and more secure online environment for their children, allowing them to engage responsibly with digital technology.