Simple Sticky Notes for Windows is a very convenient kind of reminder on your PC screen. It happens that there is a blockage at work, and the boss demands to fulfill all his orders by a certain day. All information is writting on paper stickers that prevent you from looking at the monitor and doing the work. Therefore, this application will be a great helper. It has neat and unobtrusive stickers in electronic form, which are created in a few clicks and placed anywhere on the PC screen. Moreover, stickers can be placed on top of all windows or hidden on the contrary. Visual parameters, the user adjusts individually, depending on their preferences. And in order not to lose an important note, you can add a melody to the sticker that will be played at a certain time. To download the free official version of Simple Sticky Notes for Windows, just go to our website and select the appropriate version of your OS.

The Simple Sticky Notes application is designed for Windows and has minimal requirements:

  • Versions XP, Vista, 11, 10, 8, 7;
  • 32 bit and 64 bit;
  • AMD or Intel core processor;
  • 1 Hz, 512 OP and 1 MB hard disk.

Application features

  • customize the color, transparency and size of notes;
  • it is possible to use third-party templates (themes);
  • create reminders and set an alarm;
  • to block stickers so that a note with the necessary information is not accidentally deleted when the PC malfunctions;
  • self-creation of a notebook for managing records;
  • stickers can be fixed anywhere on the screen;
  • convenient sending of stickers to social networks.

Download Simple Sticky Notes organizer for Windows

To install the application, you only need a computer, a few minutes of time and our website, where a link to the installation file will be indicated. Download it and use it immediately. Installation does not imply any special instructions, everything is simple and clear. After the icon with the application appears on your screen, you can use and take notes.


Simple Sticky Notes for Windows is a simple and convenient application for daily use. With the help of the organizer, the user will be able to save the necessary information. The program has a simple and user-friendly interface, the functions of which you can customize for yourself.