Sooner or later, we all get tired of routine, tired of familiar things, and we want to change something, but we don't always know and understand what exactly. IconPackager will help you deal with this problem. This free application is designed for a quick and high-quality change of desktop icons, their transformation into something more unusual, interesting and pleasing to the eye. The program presents a rather large number of icon packs for changing the standard icons. The user can easily choose any package he likes, create his own or download it from the Internet and install it using this utility. One of the advantages of the program is that you can change both all the icons at once, or just one of them. Users are also given the opportunity to change the appearance of the cursor and the size of icons on the desktop of a computer or laptop. Download the official version of IconPackager for Windows for free from our website.


The IconPackager application is designed for use on computers and laptops running the Windows operating system 7, 8, 10, 11, 32/64- bit.

Features of the IconPackager application for Windows

  • An impressive number of thematic sets. You can be sure that you will find something to your liking, as the number of icon packs provided in the application is simply amazing. Classic or themed sets for every taste. If you aren’t hooked by any of the options offered, you can easily create your own set of icons using the icons presented in the utility or downloaded from the Internet.
  • The icons are grouped for a reason, but according to the principle of compatibility and aesthetics. Whichever set you choose your desktop will look incomparable. All icons are high-quality and pleasing to the eye. Many users have been using the IconPackager application for a long time and leave only positive feedback.
  • You don't have to change the appearance of the entire computer if you don't want to. The application provides an opportunity to change both all icons at once, and only some. You can change the appearance of the folders you need to. You can also change the appearance of the cursor, which is also a variable option.
  • Change the size of folders and icons on the desktop. Many users lack this feature in the standard set of desktop settings. And the IconPackager utility helps them to cope with this problem. You can easily increase the icons on the desktop or decrease them, whatever you wish.
  • The app is lightweight and intuitive. It is pleasant to work in it, it doesn’t take much time for your work, and you can change the appearance of your desktop with it in just two clicks.


Changes are integral part of every person's life, whether they are positive or negative. IconPackager brings only good changes in people's lives, helps to diversify life and dilute it with something new and interesting.