In the 21st century, along with the development of the Internet, malicious utilities and viruses are also developing. A large number of spyware and other viruses appear, with the help of which scammers can track your actions on the network and on the computer, steal your data and sell it to third parties and websites. Conventional antiviruses, no matter how strong they may be, often cannot detect spyware. In this case, programs such as SpyBot Search Destroy come to the user's aid, which are additional software that helps to find and remove spyware. Download the official version of SpyBot Search Destroy for Windows for free from our website.


The utility is lightweight, does not interfere with the system, does not overload it. For the successful operation of the application, your PC or laptop must have:

  • Windows 7, 8, XP Vista, 10, 11 32/64-bit;
  • Processor 800 MHz;
  • 256 MB of RAM;
  • 14 MB of free hard disk space.

Program Features

SpyBot Search Destroy is an antispyware that can guarantee you security and protection from spyware utilities. Application functionality:

  • Scanner. The application scans your PC or laptop for the presence of spyware in it, and then treats it by deleting or blocking access to data. Also, the spybot scans and removes rootkits, complex viruses that a simple antivirus cannot find.
  • Introduction of immunity into the system. The utility makes changes to the browser settings, thereby raising the level of protection of the device.
  • Deleting files. With this application, you can permanently remove viruses and unwanted applications from your computer.
  • Automatic database updates. Regularly updates the lists of viruses and spyware to ensure full protection.
  • Showing a list of processes running on the system. After reviewing them, you can end unnecessary processes.
  • There is an option to unsubscribe from mailing lists.
  • It is able to delete installed applications, both malicious and not.


After the appearance of a large number of Internet threats, users are trying to raise the level of protection of devices. Standard antiviruses do not always cope with the search and removal of malware. We have to resort to the help of third-party utilities. SpyBot Search Destroy is the choice of those who want to get maximum protection against spyware and viruses. Download the program for free from our website and find yourself protected from scammers and Internet thieves.