Speccy is an advanced tool created by the British company Piriform and written in C++ programming language. This utility is a tool to display detailed information about the Windows platform and every hardware installed on your computer. Use the link on this page to download Speccy official version for free.

The program is suitable for Windows 7, 8, 10,11, XP, Vista, size 32 bit, 64 bit. Application is not suitable for RT-version of tablets.

Application description

This program is designed not only for advanced sys-administrators, it is also suitable for ordinary users for everyday work on the PC. Spacey will help if the user wants to add RAM to the computer. The utility will check how many memory slots are currently on the PC and what memory is installed. With the information obtained, the user will choose the correct type of memory to add or replace it on the computer. Also, the utility will save the obtained data to disks: hard disk, USB, etc.

What can Speccy software do

  • determines the make, model and frequency of the installed processor;
  • determines hard drive size and speed;
  • calculates the amount of RAM;
  • provides information about video card;
  • displays full information about the operating system;
  • detects RAM (vendor name, type, sizes, channels, etc.).

How to download Speccy for Windows

Before you can use the capabilities of the program, you need to download and install it on your computer. Download the file, then run it. After installing the program, start the diagnostics.


Spacey will not only monitor your PC, it will also display the data in a convenient form. This utility will help to avoid and prevent your computer from malfunctioning. The application will present data about the temperature of different components of your PC, and you will be able to determine the cause, in case of a problem.