GOM Player - software for solving problems with the playback of media files. The player supports modern formats, as it is constantly being developed by the efforts of developers. You can download GOM Player for free on the MAC OS official version using the links on our page.


The product combines dozens of options. They look like this:

  • audio and video playback;
  • applying filters;
  • editing and cropping files;
  • activation of plugins to expand functionality;
  • working with the subtitle editor;
  • configuring files to improve and refine them;
  • the built-in dialog boxes are hints, so the technical assistance of the program will greatly simplify the work.


To install the software on your computer, you should perform a fairly simple algorithm, because you only need:

  1. follow the link;
  2. familiarize yourself with the contents;
  3. find the built-in panel "Download for free";
  4. click on the built-in panel to install.


To convert media files, click on the "Media" button, then find the "Convert/Save" tab. Use the "Add" button and select the video file you want to convert. The "Profile" list contains the types and subspecies of the format. To watch, you need to click "Browse", enter the name of the future video file and select a folder to store. It is important not to forget to save the changed operations. 

If suddenly the user is not satisfied with the sound of a movie or music, then this can be corrected with the help of an equalizer. To do this, the program has 11 parameters. To do this, you need: 

  1. click on the "Tools" button;
  2. go to the "Effects and filters" section;
  3. find the "Audio Effects" panel;
  4. go to "Equalizer";
  5. click on the "Enable" option. 

You can configure the parameters either manually or automatically. All options are distributed according to the values and functionality of performing any operations performed on media files.


The video player for mac will become a universal solution for working with media format files. No additional programs are installed, since the software in question combines all the necessary functionality. You will reproduce the components and be able to configure them correctly.